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Guiliani’s Miracle had been infamously known for having the most prevalent decline in crime rates in the history of the United States of America. At the time, New York City was one of the economically unstable cities in the US and had a drastic 21.5% drop in crime the only city to have such a large) strategy, respectively, to redefine deviance. Moreover, Guiliani’s Miracle may have rooted from ethnocentrism in the general population of New York City. New York City’s police commissioner, William Bratton, was hired in 1994 following Guiliani’s victory in the mayoral election. A large number of questions were left unanswered when Guiliani was elected mayor and Young proposed that Commissioner Bratton was hired as the answer for the plunging crime rates. Together, Bratton and Guiliani implemented the Zero-Tolerance and COMSTAT strategy, an innovational policing strategy created to drive deviance down by enforcing a strict policy against misdemeanor offences.. In addition, Guiliani used his COMSTAT innovation to present the crime rates to the public as a way of manipulating their perspective of the current crime conditions. As a result, many New Yorkers believed Guiliani, yet Young considers the innovation to have been an aid for driving the number of arrests up while ensuring that crime rates were plummeting. Young infers the police needed criminals in order to make arrests just as an academic association would need students to when Mayor Guiliani claimed he was the change the city desperately needed. who believed it, was a victim of late-capitalism. For that reason, without the attention of mass media, Guiliani ought not to be able to claim the success of a lower crime rate and gain national

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