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Matthew Laria 08/15/2014 Sex Ed Rm 101 Wow who would have thought sex education would be such a touchy subject in the school system. I remember when I was in school it was the old banana condom routine in my sex education class. And the horrible mono toned dieses videos that you wanted to fall asleep because it was so boring but you couldn’t because it was so disgusting. See what parents seem to forget is they were young once they went to school where they were taught about sex and I bet they learned a lot from it. But in today’s society it’s a follow the leader kind of thing. One parent says its wrong gives a few reasons on why and suddenly everyone’s against it, instead of stopping and thinking about where they learned about sex. The teaching of sex education back in the early days was good but it never developed as the years went on. In today’s world sex is literally everywhere so we can’t teach these kids what we taught years ago we need to teach them what sex is today not what it was in the past. Despite its minimal teaching requirements, sex education is a great tool for teens to learn about because it helps teens really know sex is more than just sex. Let’s step back in time for a moment when we were all in school in that sex education class. When they taught this class in our time it was mainly on how to use a condom and the dieses you can get. Also how abstinence is the best thing. That was ok in those days but in today’s world we have many resources to learn from. According to an article I read called “Sex Education Should Be Taught at Home as Well as in Schools” which is found on a website called opposing viewpoints in context they say “Young people get information about sex and sexuality from a wide range of sources including each other, through the media including advertising, television and magazines, as well as leaflets, books and websites

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