Sex Ed Essay

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In Anna Quindlen’s essay, Sex Ed, she gives her opinion and stresses the importance of sexual education targeted for present and future teenagers. She even uses her being a mother of two boys to her advantage in getting the readers empathy. Her being a mother, being human and normal like any other person, helps them get comfortable and see where she is coming from, as a parent. She uses personal experiences as well facts from teens, themselves. In the essay, Anna says, “[G]irls had sex with boys not because nothings seemed to matter except right now, not pregnancy, not parental disapprobation, nothing but those minutes, this dance that face, those words. Most of them knew that pregnancy could be the result, but they assured themselves that they would be the lucky ones who would not get caught” (pg. 276). I feel like in this statement, she is supplying the reader with my mind frame of a teenage girl, and lets us get into the story more by empathizing for the teens. It also shows how many teenagers are gambling with a lot on the table just for 5 minutes of fun. She follows that statement with another about her visit to a local high school in the suburbs. Say says, “In the girl’s room was this graffito: Jennifer is a Virgin. I asked the kids about it and they said it was shorthand for geek, nerd, weirdo, somebody who was so incredibly out of it that they were in high school and still hadn’t had sex” (pg. 276). Here we take a step closer into the mind of a teen, where we see how sex also affects your social status among your peers. The essay, Sex Ed is now a force that influences individuals in society. Everyone does it, and those who aren’t, either don’t talk about it or lie. Sex isn’t just about being in love and sharing a special moment with a person you care for; now it is act of play among teens, with results ranging from STD’s to unwanted
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