Severe Depression from a Clinical Psychology Perspective

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Severe Depression From a Clinical Psychology Perspective Brandy Morris ABS200 Introduction to Applied Psychology Professor Carol Abraham 05/25/2015 For the core of my topic, I have chosen case #1. I have decided to examine severe depression from the clinical psychological perspective because millions of individuals are affected every day by depression. It can affect anyone; from all ages, ethnicity and social status, depression does not discriminate its victims. From meek, short-lived episodes of sadness, to severe, relentless depression, this illness occurs in diverse severeness. Severe depression can have many negative consequences in one’s life. The worst of which may result in suicide. Major depression is not just the emotional state of sadness, but it is a severe state of being that greatly affects all aspects of an individuals life. It is a medical condition that is likely caused by a brain disorder. To begin, I would first like to define psychology and applied psychology, and explain how how it is applied. Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behavior. Applied psychology is the professional application of psychological theory and principles used to solve problems associated with human behavior. Clinical psychologists aim to understand and treat mental illness. According to Davey (2011), clinical psychologist, “...attempt to help people understand the causes of their difficulties, provide interventions that can help to alleviate specific symptoms associated with their difficulties, and provide support and guidance through the period to recovery”. Working closely with doctors, probation officers, social workers, and other professionals, clinical psychologists, offer their professional perspective of each case, providing insights to the causes of patient problems along with diagnosis and evaluations, and suggesting
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