Seven Texas Constitutions

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Seven Texas Constitutions The first Texas constitution was written in 1827 and was revised six times until the Texas constitution of 1876 was written. There are many similarities and differences when comparing and contrasting the seven constitutions of Texas. A similar theme of all the constitutions is slavery. After reviewing all seven constitutions it can be seen how slavery impacted the decisions of the Texas constitutions. Religion, language, and government in Texas are three other themes that can be identified in throughout the constitutions. Examining the characteristics of the seven constitutions can help identify the similarities and differences between them. Slavery in the Texas Constitutions One common theme of the seven constitutions of Texas is slavery and how it was influenced through the constitutions. In the beginning, 1827, slavery was not recognized. The constitution of 1836 legally allowed slavery in the state of Texas and by 1845 when the constitution was once again revised, Texas was admitted as a slave state. Sixteen years later, in 1861, slavery was written in the constitutions as being maintained in the state of Texas. Finally, in 1866, some of the rights of former slaves were recognized. The rights of former slaves were not recognized when involving white citizens. Also, there were no voting rights for former slaves. Although, former slaves had the right to protect their property. Three years later, in 1869, Texas abolished slavery (Brown et al, 2013-2014). Former slaves were given the right to vote, hold property, and sue in court. This was the first time in Texas history in which former slaves had some of the same rights as white citizens. Religion and Language Religion and language was only mentioned twice throughout the seven constitutions of Texas. The 1827 Constitution of Coahuila y Tejas recognizes Catholicism as the official
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