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Page 1 Debbie Professor C. Williams English 1301 15 September 2012 Chris Botti and Sting- Seven Days In the song an ultimatum note has been given. The decision to walk away or to stay together has presented itself once more. She has found someone new and is ready to give up on the man that has always been there faithfully. He on the other hand has been “down this road” numerous times with her. He loves her but maybe he has finally come to term that is it time to move on, obviously he realizes that continuing the relationship will hinder them from moving forward. Throughout the song he mentions all the days of the week as to “make a decision” on the note that this woman he loves as given him. But he continues and goes through each day to procrastinate his decision. He knows that she is at the end of the road with their relationship; she is done with this man that will not commit to her. When they feel like they have overcome another obstacle (her affairs) there always appears a new man. He still has faith that this is just another one of her affairs and they will get through it. He compares himself to a “the mighty flea” and he asks himself “if he is a mouse or a man” because time and time again she continues to find love in another man which makes him feels so belittled (Botti). So many times in relationships the woman and man find the need to look elsewhere when they both feel that the emotion and interest has started to dwindle (Worth). Perhaps that is what happened to this woman, she has moved on to someone she feels loves her and is willing to commit. Unlike, her older relationship, there is this man that cannot make up his mind about wanting to be with her. It has taken him all the seven days and still no answer. Maybe he doesn’t deserve her. Then again maybe she was ready to move on. Works Cited Botti, Chris. Seven Days. 2009. Song.

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