Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Essay

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1. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers was first released as a movie in 1954 and was nominated for 5 Acadamy Awards, including Best Picture, though in the end it won only the Oscar for Best Musical Score. It is still performed with great regularity in both professional and amateur theatre. What do you think accounts for the shows original critical and box office success as well as its longevity and continued popularity as a stage musical? • In my opinion, the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers show has succeed because of the story in can touch all the deferent ages like kids, adult, and old people. It also because that songs it has and each song tells specific thing. 2. The story of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is set in Oregon in 1850. To what extent to what extent does the history of westward expansion and settlement of the United States contribute to our understanding of and engaging with the story? • The details of the story can touch the people hurt because it about the love and getting married, which is can everyone understand it and looks familiar to people because it is a basic thing in the life to love and get married. 3. What are some of the broad messages of masculinity and femininity that we are meant to be drawing from the musical? In other words, how are gender relations demonstrated? Is there a distinction between the way the female and male characters are expected to behave? Is this an unapologetically “man’s world”? • Of course there is a different between the two genders which are men and women. One of the biggest different is that women think about the life stuff emotionally more than men and they worried about the look and behaviors. Men mostly like do not worry about those stuff and they beehive normal as a natural. 4. Have a look at clips of the film version of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (available on youtube). Then discuss the

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