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The opening credits of the movie Se7en by David Fincher begins with a close up of a book with the pages put forward. The music that will go along the entire clip begins, the effect this song has is that it is rather worrying in the sense that the beat is very slow, making us feel as if there is something shocking to come. The lighting is low key, enabling us to see much. The surroundings are blurred out making the focus on the book and only the book. This makes it seem as there is nothing else as important as the book. After that we can see a blade cutting a bit of the man’s thumb. Once more, you can only see the blade and the hand, the surroundings are blurred out. This is shallow focus, the effect this has is that we can imagine the man is powerful as he is cutting himself. This is a sort of introduction to the character we do not know yet. The music is still the same however the beat is faster and more intense. The effect this has is that we are feeling as if something more important is happening. There is no ambient sound, only the soundtrack and the possible screaming in the back. After that we see the man opening a diary with notes in it. The lighting is still low key enabling us to only see the outline of the book. However after that the light brightens allowing us to see more including some writing. We can see him writing. However the frame is still in shallow focus therefore we can only see his hand as the writing is blurred out. The lack of lighting gives a scary effect. It might also indicate that it is the night. The next scene in the clip expresses the man’s hands cut off a picture. There is a motivated light source which is probably a lamp. This lamp shines over to enlighten a page of a book and create a sense of observation. It feels as if the man is watching over his work very carefully which is worrying too as we don’t really know what he

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