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Sean Ryan Prof. Racquel Gates CIN 220 12/15/12 Seven Directed by David Fincher Cast: William R. Somerset (Morgan Freeman), David Mills (Brad Pitt), Tracey Mills (Gwyneth Paltrow), John Doe (Kevin Spacey), David Fincher’s film, Seven, begins in Morgan Freemans character’s apartment, as he readies himself with his routine items, A gun, a switchblade, badge and pen for his day of work. The audience views the thorough procedure. Somerset’s face is virtually unchanged in the scene as a couple can be heard arguing in a nearby apartment. This scene effectively sets up Somerset’s character without him having to talk. We as an audience can tell this man has experience in his profession without him having to even speak. The film swiftly moves to a crime scene of what appears to be a pretty clear-cut homicide according to the other detectives. The other detectives become visibly annoyed when Somerset asks about the kids of the deceased victim. Brad Pitt’s character Mills finds Somerset at the crime scene asks to speak with him, knowing that he will soon be replacing Somerset as lead detective. The two men begin to converse on the dark streets of the city. This nameless metropolis is a place where it constantly downpours with rain and has a claustrophobic feel to it. In a way this city has affected the views and beliefs of each character in the film. The city has turned Somerset into man with a cynical view of the world. The city has Mills believing that he is in a position into that he thinks he can take care of but as the film eventually shows, he will soon regret it. The city also creates murderous individuals such as the main antagonist of the film John Doe played by Kevin Spacey. Seven explores and dissects the

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