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Explain in what ways Se7en (USA 1995) meets typical film conventions. Give full reasons for your answer referring to examples taken from the film. Se7en directed by David Fincher in 1995, was seen as a film which audiences found both shocking and intensely disturbing. The films narrative left audiences with a reflective mind state. This is a significant and important factor within the genre Film Noir. Themes such as gluttony and jealousy are demonstrated, these are conveyed through the dark and subdued tones which are popular conventions of film noir. Looking closer at the narrative structure, Se7en has a very dreary and sinister tone; this is seen throughout till the end the film. The atmosphere in the film is one that is gloomy and menacing to audiences as the seven deadly sins are explored. Se7en though, has a tendency to use such features as torches to such effect, to slice through the mise-en-scene, not just to identify with the theme of a serial killer cutting and slicing his way through his victims, but also to cut and threaten the atmosphere surrounding the detectives. Most noir films begin with usually one protagonist being given a task, a mission to follow through with by a client .In Se7en this theme is adopted and the director also chooses to use this as a beginning to the plot. The two characters are asked to investigate the case of the serial killer, however there are two characters instead of the conventional one, making the film challenging to stereotypes made about the film noir genre. Se7en is a film that presents the feelings of corruption and distraught, evident in the fact that the detectives themselves have to use dishonest methods to catch their killer. Bribery is one of the methods used to do this. They are forced to cover up their deceitful deed by bribing another, completely different member of society in the homeless woman, who

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