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English Communications- Text Response The Sugar Factory- Interior Monologue Oh my god, what is Harris doing? He’s drunk, god dammit! He better not ruin my wedding, I’ve been working on this for so long and now Harris is just getting drunk and ruining my wedding! It’s not fair, why does he even have to be here? I know that he’s Lyndsay’s brother but can’t he have gone somewhere else? I never wanted him at the wedding reception because I knew he would do something like this. He always does something like this, he’s got no self control. Shit. What’s he doing now? No. he can’t be. Not even he would do that. Shit shit shit. Why does he always have to ruin everything? Please someone get him off of the table. Please. Stop ruining my wedding Harris. Why on earth did I have to marry into this family? I should have married the nice Spiegelmann boy down the road but no, I had to fall in love with Lyndsay and now his stupid, retarded brother is ruining MY wedding! I hope he falls off the table and breaks his neck the little bastard. Oh, I can’t stand this any longer. Oh Christ. He’s not REALLY pissing on everyone is he? Who gave him the alcohol? I’ll kill them. He’s enough trouble when he’s sober. No, don’t run up here. Go away Harris. Go away. Agh! Jesus, he nearly pissed on my dress. Oh I’m going to kill him. Oh thank god, finally someone’s stopped him who is it? Oh it’s Larry. Thank god for that. I should have married him, he doesn’t have anyone like this in his family. Christ, Harris just bit him. What a little savage. As soon as we get home I’m gonna have a talk with Lyndsay. We’re gonna’ move very very far away from his bastard shit of a brother. I hope he gets carted away after this. I hope they send him to a home. Oh I’m going to kill that boy. My wedding! My god damn wedding! What a bastard. What a bastard. At least Lyndsay's friends are taking him away now. I hope

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