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GOAL SETTING ASSIGNMENT Bonnie Carter My short term goals for today are to get up at 5 am and read some more of my schoolwork. Then I am going to feed, water and take my dogs out back to potty and run a little. I then took my shower, talked to my dad and made my grandson’s breakfast because he comes to my house every day. Then I went to the school to put in a paper for critical thinking. After I had that done then I stopped and picked up some mild and my mail. Then I went home and got lunch for my grandson, Jeremiah, and myself. Then I cleaned up our dinner dishes and feed the dogs. Then Jeremiah and I went to the pool. Then we can home and his mother came to get him and I have more reading and papers to write. After all of this then I will make supper for my husband and myself, feed the dogs, clean up and watch some television and go to bed. That is my day. Usually I get done what I set out to do for the day unless the unforeseen happens. My week goals are to clean house with my husband on Saturday and take the grandkids to the sidewalk art and the balloon rally. Sunday go with the whole family to church, come home and make dinner for them all. Then we all sit and visit about the week and what we will be doing next week. Monday I well go to class and then to lab. I will read and study what has been assigned and get the best grade that I can. Then I will work more on my critical thinking and take care of supper, grandson till he goes home, and the dogs. Tuesday I will go to Anatomy and Physiology and take tests and read and study. I will then go home and make lunch for Jeremiah and myself and take care of the dogs. I will then take Jeremiah to the pool for two hours then we will stop at the store to pick up anything that we need

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