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Principles of Supervision February 8, 2012 Week 2 Minor Assignment 1 I agree with the statement “Supervisors who fail to plan are planning to fail”. I believe that to have a successful business there should be goals set. If you don’t have goals then you have nothing to work towards. It is important to inform your employees of these goals so they know what is expected of them. People like to have goals so when they meet them they feel good about what they’ve done. Formal planning puts these goals in writing so everyone in a business is aware of them and can work toward achieving them. In my experience, when there have been goals set; people are more likely to work a little harder. Especially when given a little incentive, like bonuses or other little perks if goals are met. If there are no goals, people tend to just feel like they are there to punch a clock and don’t really reap the rewards of doing a job successfully. Goal setting would be useful to me as a supervisor because I am always trying to do better, at work and in my personal life. I tend to work best under pressure. So by having goals it gives me something to push for. When goals are reached it makes me feel good about what I’ve done. As a supervisor, I would have contests and bonuses to those who helped me to achieve these goals. When given something as a reward, people not only feel good about the things they have achieved, but they get to reap the rewards of their

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