how to set up a facebook account Essay

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Setting up an account for social network sites in today’s world is very easy and non- complicated. Throughout the ladder part of the twentieth century, the internet has become a world wide social network. Many controversies about the internet has appeared since its conception. One of the most popular social networking sites today is Facebook. It is a place for friends to chat during non-academic hours or spare time. The below context explains the procedures to setting up a Facebook account. First, registration online must be completed. When the website homepage appears, you much click “sign up” underneath where you would enter your log-in information. Following the directions, all of the text must be completed. The basic information consists of a name, date of birth and other various questions. All of the information must be filled out. Next, you must, if desired, fill out the information that will be displayed on your profile. While clicking on the various titles, you will fill out the different amounts of information according to the titles. Any information you do not fill uncomfortable with appearing on your profile, you do not have to add. While, adding information, you will have to, however, provide one email address. One rule of thumb is to never provide personal information such as, an address or home phone number. In the section that will appear on your profile, you do not have to fill out all of the information if you do not wish to do so; for example, religious views or orientation. If desired, you may add pictures to your profile. Pictures give your on style of creativity. In order to do so, after your registration is complete, at the top of your homepage, click on “edit profile.” There you can add pictures as you wish. In conclusion, setting up a Facebook account is not hard at all. All you have to do is complete a few

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