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EXPERIMENT 1 ACID BASE TITRATION – I AIM: To prepare 100ml of M/20 sodium carbonate solution and with its help determine the molarity and strength of the given HCl solution. APPARATUS : Chemical balance, 100ml measuring flask, wash bottle, glass funnel, burette, pipette and weighing bottle. CHEMICALS : High purity sodium carbonate, HCl, methyl orange and distilled water. THEORY : (A) Being a primary standard sodium carbonate can be prepared by directly weighing crystalline sodium carbonate (Na2CO3, its molecular Wt. is 106). To prepare 100ml of M/20, sodium carbonate required will be: Molarity = mass of solute × 1000 Molar mass× volume of the solution in ml M = x × 1000 20 106×100 x = 1× 106 × 100 = 0.53g 1000 × 20 (B) This is a neutralization reaction involving a weak base and a strong acid. Na2CO3+ 2HCl→ 2NaCl+ H2O + CO2 INDICATOR: Methyl orange END POINT: yellow to pink. PROCEDURE: (A) PREPARATION OF STANDARD SOLUTION: Take a filter paper and weigh it. Tare its weight. Now put sodium carbonate crystals to the filter paper and weigh it till the weight of sodium carbonate is about 0.53 g. Record this value. Transfer the weighed oxalic acid to a glass funnel placed above a 100 ml-measuring flask. Give a fine spray of distilled water from the wash bottle to the funnel so that every thing comes down to the measuring flask. Dissolve the salt in minimum amount of water and make up the solution to 100 ml. Shake the solution well to get a concentrated solution. (B) TITRATION: Rinse the burette with distilled water and HCl solution and fill it with the same solution.

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