Session 17 Essay

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1. What approaches does CDM/SMITH now employ to manage the tacit and the explicit knowledge within the organization? Tacit Knowledge Management | Explicit Knowledge Management | Technical discipline e-mail accounts | Intranet portal of explicit knowledge | Discussion forum | Library of specific management, trade and technical content | Meeting conference event notices | Guidelines, frameworks, case studies, templates and examples of best practice | Directory of contact information on technical experts | Housed on each site by technical experts who are members of respective Technical Discipline communities | Specific questions can be directed to specialists and technical experts | Topics and subjects where employees can listen to podcasts or watch videos of specialized fields | Mentoring program | | 2. How does CDM/SMITH’s approach to knowledge management improve worker productivity? a. Process innovation b. Employee development c. Use of best practices d. Builds corporate culture e. Improvements in existing processes f. Reuse and repurposing of intellectual property 3. How does CDM/SMITH’s approach to knowledge management help to limit risk and improve outcomes in the execution of individual projects? g. Limit risks: i. CDM employees can use Technical Discipline for relative and historical knowledge/experience to influence the outcome of a situation h. Draw from various resources (guidelines, frameworks, case studies and examples of best practice) to make more appropriate and better decisions i. Shared knowledge gives employees a better idea of the potential risks j. Technical experts of their own disciplines can offer assistance and advice to employees in need k. Improves outcomes: ii. Dispatcher allows employees to communicate with
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