Serving Our Fellow Men Essay

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Serving Our Fellow Men Ko te wehi ki te Atua, me whakakororia tona ingoa i nga wa katoa. Kia tau mai e aroha, nga manaakitanga o te Atua. Tuhia ki te rangi, tuhia ki te whenua, tuhia ki te ngakau o nga tangata. Ko te mea nui, ko te aroha, Tihei Mauri Ora! Regards to the Creator, Glorify his name for all times. Descend on us the love, the blessings of the Lord. Write it in the sky, write it in the land and write it in the heart of the people. The greatest thing is love, behold there is Life! Help! What do you think of when you hear this word? Do you panic? What questions are you asking yourself? Should I drop everything and go right now? Should I ring the police, the neighbor, my husband, a friend or just ignore it? Our first instinct normally, is to go, well mine is. Without hesitation or even thinking about it, I am usually running to the rescue. Serving our fellow men is the topic I have been given to speak on. Sometimes a distress call can come. I got one the other night. There were two people stranded down town about 7.30pm. They both have family here, so it seemed a very unusual circumstance. My husband was out with the missionaries, my youngest child was not well and I had three other children to tend to. I had rung three people that night because I couldn’t settle. All I knew was that when someone needs help you go. These three people all told me the same thing. They will be alright. My good friend came to see me and said,”Have you had a prayer yet?” I told her I hadn’t so we had a short prayer to ask Heavenly Father to guide me in what to do. I didn’t feel the urgency to go. Brothers and sisters, sometimes these things happen for a reason and we could be getting in the way of Heavenly Father’s teaching. Lets not be too hasty people. My friend told me not to panic or be too anxious; it is not of the Lord. Trust in the Lord and let his spirit guide you. So

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