Serving In Florida

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Kassandra Van Winkle Sandra Miller ENG090 Paper 4- Rhetorical Analysis of “Serving in Florida” by Barbara Ehrenreich November 23, 2011 “Serving in Florida” by Barbara Ehrenreich composes a valid description of what it is like to live and work in low class society. Ehrenreich vividly describes the emotional and physical impacts of a less sophisticated standard of management as well as the living and working conditions of that lifestyle. She composes and explains her thoughts, emotions and opinions of how to live in their so called purgatory. Her outlook on the mechanics of not just the “bottom feeders” of our society but the ones who pedestal themselves on status is disturbingly accurate. Ehrenreich belittles the tactics used by managers in a minimum wage setting (I’m sure not limited to just lower class) to illustrate their class and demeanor over others and what affects it has on the lives of those employed by these power hungry corporate fueled robots. There are two ways people are controlled: fear and demoralization. Barbara Ehrenreich’s essay relates to both. The management that Ehrenreich speaks of has a direct relation to a control issue. They use fear to control employees. People in a minimum wage lifestyle cannot afford to loose their job, so the management threatens their job. Taking away bits and pieces of their freedoms in the work place demoralizes their attitudes and work ethics. Control is the underlying cause of suppression which in turn their advancement and success is censored. All the while their management tactics solidify, which is unfortunate for all of us. The fact that these management strategies keep the low wage societies swimming against the current is a sustainment of business and a sense of security to those “[who] have crossed over to the other side” (136). The few that are offered a look at the grass on the other side usually
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