Services Marketing (Ch 15) Essay

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| 2012 | | | [Mauricio Villarreal Bravo @01490008]Chapter 15 | | Organizing for Service Leadership Customer-Led versus Market-Oriented Philosophies of Management Firms may lose market leader position if listen too closely to current customers Service leadership requires curiosity, risk taking Customer-led businesses focus on understanding expressed desires of customers in currently served markets Market-oriented businesses commit to understand current/ latent customer desires plus competitors’ plans, capabilities * Scan market more broadly, have longer-term focus * Work closely with lead users (windows to future vs. anchors to past) * Combine traditional research with experimentation, observation Defining Three Functional Imperatives Marketing Imperative * Target “right” customers and build relationships * Offer solutions that meet their needs * Define quality package with competitive advantage Operations Imperative * Create, deliver specified service to target customers * Adhere to consistent quality standards * Achieve high productivity to ensure acceptable costs Human Resource Imperative * Recruit and retain the best employees for each job * Train and motivate them to work well together * Achieve both productivity and customer satisfaction Reducing Intra-Organizational Tension * Transfers and cross training * Cross functional taskforces * New tasks and new people * Process management teams * Gain-sharing programs From Losers to Leaders: Moving Up the Service Performance Ladder Service Leaders * Crème de la crème of their respective industries * Names synonymous with outstanding service, customer delight Service Professionals * Clear positioning strategy * Sustained reputation for meeting customer expectations Service Non-entities * Traditional

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