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Service Plan #1- The client, Kevin, is 8 years old and was accompanied by his mother, Mrs. Moore, seeking assistance with client’s hyperactivity. Mrs. Moore stated that Kevin is often unmanageable at home, unable to sit still while watching television or while doing homework, and is seeking a prescription for Ritalin to prevent Kevin from “bouncing off the walls”. Kevin was observed by another worker within the agency during the initial interview of Mrs. Moore and was described as a child who exhibited no signs of hyperactivity, who played normally, and was able to focus on given projects. With permission from Mrs. Moore, Kevin’s teacher was contacted for an interview where she stated that Kevin is an average student who poses no disciplinary problems. Two visits to the client’s home were conducted in which both instances Kevin displayed bouts of hyperactivity when Mrs. Moore was describing the abuse she suffered at the hands of Kevin’s father. Mrs. Moore was obviously agitated with Kevin’s behaviour stating that it is driving her crazy. After further discussion with Mrs. Moore about a topic unrelated to the abuse she suffered Kevin’s hyperactivity subsided and Mrs. Moore described this as typical behaviour for Kevin. Kevin’s appears to be adjusting well to his current situation in life, although he shows signs of discomfort in situations that involve the discussion of the abuse his mother suffered. Mrs. Moore has made it clear that she wishes Kevin to be medicated for the problem, although she is open to alternative methods of therapy. Kevin would greatly benefit from the counselling services offered at the Community Child Abuse Council of Canada, Child and Youth Trauma Services. A psychiatric evaluation for Kevin has been booked for Kevin at the request of Mrs. Moore and further follow ups will be conducted upon the completion of the psychiatric

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