Service Oriented Architecture Essay

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Introduction Service oriented architecture allows us to manage software in terms of service components and also allows for communication between these components. To better understand the concept, we must first define service and architecture. A service can be defined as “a component capable of performing a task” (W3C), and architecture generally refers to a set of practices or a style. In this context architecture can be defined as the set of practices that deal with design of a system’s software. There are several definitions of Service Oriented Architecture, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) provides us with one of the many definitions in which Service Oriented Architecture is referred to as “a set of components which can be invoked and whose interface descriptions can be published and discovered” (W3C). Today, the term Service Oriented Architecture is widely used, however there is no set definition. In fact, there are several definitions and perspectives, for instance W3C’s definition of Service Oriented Architecture is disagreed upon by the CBDI, stating that the “components (or implementations) will often not be set” and that the definition of architecture given by W3C does not take into consideration the science, art or practice of building the architecture, rather it only takes into consideration the implemented and deployed components (CBDI Forum 2004). The definition given by CBDI describes Service Oriented Architecture as the “policies, practices, frameworks that enable application functionality to be provided and consumed as sets of services published at a granularity relevant to the service consumer”. Services can be invoked, published and discovered, and are abstracted away from the implementation using a single, standards-based form of interface (Sprott & Wilkes, 2004). Another definition that can be used to define Service Oriented Architecture

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