Service Marketing Plan

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Acknowledgements We would like to thank Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Linh- the manager of Finance Department and Ms. Nguyen Ha Linh - Director of IBEST English Center for providing us all information needed to do this marketing plan. We are also deeply appreciated and thankful for the support of Ms. Ngo Phuong Dung - our Service Marketing lecturer who guided us to do this project effectively. Executive summary The purpose of this marketing plan is to analyze and evaluate current situation of IBEST English Center which include its corporate and marketing objectives, the influences of both external and internal environment, the current marketing strategies in term of current target customer, service product, current pricing and promotional strategies. We will also concern about the methods by which IBEST manages supply and demand, the analysis of Customer Quality, Satisfaction, Perceived Value and Customer Retention Efforts, and the Internal Marketing. In addition we will deliver a new marketing plan which will be applied for the next six months (from June to December 2012) to achieve marketing goal of increasing sales by 25% and improving the company’s reputation. Table of Contents Introduction 1 1. Situation Analysis 1 a. External environment 1  Macro-environmental forces 1  Micro-environmental forces 3 b. Internal environment 4  Strengths 4  Weaknesses 4 c. Describe the service 5 2. Customer Analysis 6 Market segment and target marketing 7 Customer expectation 8 Perceived risk 9 Reduce perceived risk 9 Consumer influences and interaction with IBEST 10 3. Service Product Analysis 11 4. Evaluate Current Pricing Strategies. 13 5. Evaluate Current Promotional Strategies 13 6. Evaluate the Methods by which Supply and Demand is managed. 15 7. Analysis of Customer Quality, Satisfaction, Perceived Value and
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