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Introduction to Services Marketing Session 1  Class schedules  Total marks and credits  Break-up of total subject marks – Coursework 40% {Individual assignment 40%.}  Examination system- 60%  Moodle  Rules within the class –Discipline, mobile  Other issues – Plagiarism, copying, deadline violations  How to Study and prepare for the examination. Points to be taken note of: Introduction to services  What are services?  Why services marketing?  Service and technology  Characteristics of services compared to goods  Services marketing mix  Staying focused on the customer Examples of service industries  Healthcare  Hospital, medical practice, dentistry, eye care  Professional Services  Accounting, legal, architectural  Financial Services  Banking, investment advising, insurance  Hospitality  Restaurant, hotel/motel, bed & breakfast  Ski resort, rafting Examples of service industries (continued) Travel  Airline, travel agency, theme park Others  Hair styling, pest control, plumbing, lawn maintenance, counseling services, health club, interior design Figure 1.2 Tangibility spectrum Salt  Soft Drinks  Detergents  Automobiles  Cosmetics  Fast-food outlets  Intangible Dominant Tangible Dominant  Fast-food outlets Advertising agencies Airlines Investment Management Consulting Teaching      % of GDP attributable to service 2006 Why study Services Marketing? Service-based economies Service as a business imperative in manufacturing and IT Deregulated industries and professional service needs Services marketing is different Service equals profits Service and technology How technology has influenced the development of services Provided the potential for new service offerings Offering new ways to deliver service Enabling customers and employees

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