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English 4 Service Learning Proposal For my service learning project, I plan to work with children by helping them through social and educational interactions. My service is needed because many children do not have someone to help them do homework and to develop much needed life skills due to many different situations. Learning Disabilities affects 15-20% of the U.S. Population. There are about 7 billion people in the world so 15 percent of that is 1,050,000,000. Imagine how many of that percentage is in our local community. As an individual, I plan to team up with an organization on the beach that goes out in our local communities helping children from ages 5 to 10 that assist with homework and reading. I plan to go every other Friday starting on the 14th of September. I intend to be fully dedicated to the children and their needs. I also hope to get others involved. Reading is a basic skill that builds a foundation for having a successful educational life. This service learning project will be conducted with a group of four. Which consist of Chelsea Griffin, Kelly Lauder, Morgan Richardson and I. My plan of getting more people involved with this opportunity is on demand. The organization we will be working through is called Sea Haven. It is a unprofitable organization that provides many different tasks for children of all ages. One of their biggest assist is giving the homeless a warm and safe place to lay their heads. Sea Haven only wishes to help as many of the local youth as possible. It is a group of hard-working individuals that devotes a lot of their personal time to take care of others. This group needs help with getting more people involved because there is a high number of students’ wanting assistance. And what is a better way to help the youth than using the youth to help others around their age. Others that want to make a difference in someone's

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