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11/02/11 Reflection of Service Learning St. Baldrick’s Event At the St. Baldrick’s event I learned about the many effects of many different types of cancers. This experience influenced me in many different ways. It made me want to give help to everyone because anyone could need it but sometimes you can’t physically tell how. It made me feel like offering help to everyone. It made me happy for the survivors but also sad that they had to be put through such a traumatic life experience. I would love to participate in many events such as this to offer assistance in any area needed. These fundraisers and events are important because there are so many people in need of unaffordable assistance and the fundraisers help them to get the treatment they need. However, it may be quite hard to run a fundraiser because not everyone will trust you with their donations. The best thing to do is to be sincere and have proof of the fundraising event. I wasn’t really surprised that people didn’t want to donate though because they didn’t have trust in the foundation. Although it was difficult collecting donations the actual volunteering at the event was great. I had a firsthand chance to listen to survivors of cancer. I would definitely do this again. So many people donated their hair to the St. Baldricks fund. They were very brave for this because many people in society deem appearance to be important. I didn’t shave my hair because I honestly was scared to. However, a lot of people did it for the right reasons. I could never imagine how it feels for a cancer patient to lose their hair. It has to be devastating but they have big hearts and strong minds. The support they gave to the cancer survivors at the event was great they made them feel comfortable. It made me look at life as an obstacle of tests, being able to bear them and keep from complaints is the hardest part. Life is very

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