Service Industry Essay

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SERVICE INDUSTRY WRITTEN SUBMISSION | WORD COUNT:2,259 | SUBMISSION DATE: Monday 10th May 2011 | | Contents Task 1 Page 2-11 Introduction Page 2-3 Innovation Page 4-5 What is your industry worth? Page 6-7 Industry Leaders and brands Page 8-10 Increase/decline Page 11-12 Task 2 Page 13- 15 Hairdressing Awarding Bodies Page 13 Placement – Chatterz H/D Page 14 Conclusion Page 15 Bibliography Page 16-18 Introduction The basis of this assignment is to be able to examine the various concepts of the Hairdressing Industry and also to state the continuous emergence of new and up and coming styles and trends within the industry. But to fully understand where the hairdressing industry is today a history of the industry is the first point of research. According to “Hairdressing in society has long been a sign of wealth & personal grooming”(2010). Hairdressing has evolved so much through the years, this is mainly due to the fact that society has become progressively focused on looks and appearance. Taking a look right back into the ancient times, hairstyles were used to show stature in society and family wealth. Even though times have changed considerable amounts, the Egyptians have always seen hair care as a major concern. states that it was the Egyptians that started off the hair care habit at around 3000BC. The Egyptian women decided to start shaving their hair very close to the scalp, originally due to the fact that their hair was constantly pestered by herds of flies. And another instance is many Native countries hairstyles would have been used to represent and indicate the differences in tribes. Many warrior tribes used their hairstyles to show their form of stature to other tribes. Hair states that it was the Japanese males are
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