Service Characteristic Airline Essay

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高雄市福東英語村對話演練劇本 Restaurant Dialogue Host: Good evening. Student 1: Good evening. Host: Welcome to the Merry Seasons Hotel Café. How many are in your party? Student 2: There are 6 of us. Host: Please follow our waiter to your table. Waiter 1: Right this way please. Student 3: Thank you. (After being seated) Waiter 1: Can I get you started with something to drink? Student 1: I’ll have a soda please. Student 2: I’ll have a coffee please. Student 3: I’ll have tea please. Student 4: I’ll have juice please. Student 5: I’ll have water please. Student 6: I’ll have milk please. Waiter 1: One moment. (Waiter 1 brings 6 cups/glasses of drinks) Waiter 1: Your waiter will be right with you. (Waiter 2 comes to the table) Waiter 2: Are you ready to order? Student 3: What are the specials today? Waiter 2: The specials are the grilled steak and fried chicken. Student 1: I’ll have the grilled steak. Waiter 2: How would you like your steak cooked? Student 1: Medium. Student 2: I’ll have the fried chicken. Student 3: I’ll have a slice of pizza. Student 4: I’ll have the hamburger. Student 5: I’ll have the chicken sandwich. Student 6: I’ll have the spaghetti. Waiter 2: Great. (Waiter 2 returns with 6 plates of food) Waiter 2: Here is your steak, fried chicken, pizza, hamburger, chicken sandwich, and spaghetti. Enjoy. All students: Thank you. (After meal is finished) Waiter 2: How was your meal? Student 4: It was delicious. Waiter 2: Would you like to see the dessert menu? Student 5: No thanks, we are all full. Student 6: Could we please have the check? Waiter 2: Here you are. The total is $450. Student 1: Here is $500. You can keep the change. Waiter 2: Thank you. Have a good evening. Student 4: Thank you. You too, Good bye. (Items needed: a menu; 6 cups or glasses; a check board; 6 plates & food flash cards; $500; a change plate; a cashier) Lobby Dialogue Front Desk: Welcome to the

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