Service Adhesives Tries Again

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Case Study: Service Adhesive Tries Again Service Adhesive Ltd currently employs 20% of their workforce on short term contracts.What effect will this have on the proposed team-based working structure? A company with a mixture of permanent and temporary employees always faces serious challenges in installing the spirit of team work. Permanent workers feel that they are more significant than the temporary personnel. Temporary personnel feel that they are not welcome and often has to prove themselves to others by working hard and sometimes above and beyond what is expected from them. In considering a transition from traditional organization work structure to a team-base work structure, what sort of barriers are Service Adhesives Ltd. likely to encounter? Think about formal structures (e.g. roles and procedures) informal structures (e.g. social groups and communication) It seems that Service Adhesive will have several structure issues, since the company had controlled by the senior management. One of the barrier will be to make individual accountable and responsible for making decisions and for the outcomes. Also they would provably would like to get a raise since there will be more responsibilities. One informal barrier will be to earn the respect of the rest of the workers. Pretty sure that some of the employees will find very difficult to follow instructions from someone who used to be the next door co-worker. The level of communication will change for good or for bad. Senior management of Service Adhesive thought that the reason for ineffective improvement initiatives in the past was due mainly to the apparent lack of cohesion among the organization’s human resource. Could a team-based work organization be the answer to their organizational difficulties? why do think that previous initiatives at Super Supply had failed? I do think that human
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