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I believe that out of the four attributes of the National Honor Society; scholarship, character, leadership, and service, service is the most important. Obtaining any skills cannot be done without the effort from experience. A service can have experiences that can build character, which then affects leadership, and then has a positive effect on obtaining scholarships. The way a service can build character is by putting effort in challenging experiences. When faced with harsh decisions, character builds up when choosing something that can be mentally challenging or depressing. For example, when I thought about what I wanted in my future, I had to sacrifice freedom and entertainment in order to complete services and achieve high goals. This built up my character by making me realize that the best enjoyment, is the respectfully earned one. Service can affect leadership through character. When I realized that sacrificing the most enjoyable things in life was necessary I also realized that I needed motive to do so. When I gained the motivation to become something important in my life, this motivation then spread to confidence. This confidence helped in becoming cooperative within group projects and athletic organizations. I started deciding the best decisions, and without realizing, it made me become a deciding leader. A scholarship can be mainly obtained by a service. By doing something towards an academic goal such as a participating within a service, a scholarship can be achieved. For example, studying and working hard, can help achieve an academic award through the efforts displayed by studying and working

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