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SERVICE QUALITY GAPS MODEL AUDIT OF SC.BADI.SRL Brasov, Romania For each of the following factors in the gaps, indicate the effectiveness of the organization on that factor. Using a Likert Scale of 1 to 10 scale where 1 is “poor” and 10 is “excellent”. Customer Gap 1= Poor 10 = Excellent 1. How well does the company understand customer expectations of service quality? A: The Company understands the customer expectations of service quality through the quality of the products and services that it has to offer according to their expectations. 2. How well does the company understand customer perception of service? A: The Company understands in a very good way the customer’s perception of service because the company is customer oriented and it tries to deliver the necessary services and information in order to meet the customer demands. Provider Gap 1, the Listening Gap 1. Market Research Orientation * Is the amount and type of market research adequate to understand customer expectations of service? A: Yes they are adequate in order to maintain a qualitative and professional relationship with the customer. * Does the company use this information in decisions about service provision? A: Yes the company uses this information with the customer in order to improve the quality of the services provided. 2. Upward Communication * Do managers and customers interact enough for management to know what customers expect? A: The interaction between managers and customers is situated at a ratio of 90%, and through this they maintain a high level of standards for the company. * Do contact people tell management what customers expect? A: Usually they do, otherwise you cannot develop yourself, and communication with the customers represents the best way for a business to improve

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