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Experience is the greatest way to learn; the world is our classroom, and people are our people. When performing community service you are not only helping others in need, you are also becoming a more well rounded person, by opening yourself up to new experiences and finding yourself in the process. Community service has acted as much more than words on a resume-- it has helped me. Due to my community service involvement I have helped a superfluous amount of people, and have gotten to accentuate the positive in me. My endeavors with community service began at just the right time. After Hurricane Katrina I felt a strong urge to help the victims. As a seventh grader I kept a piggy bank and it was filled to the brim with dollars and coins. I donated every penny to the Hurricane Katrina victims, and the resulting feeling was amazing. After this, I donated money to countless other organizations. I wanted to do more. Realizing that donating my time and talent would be of much greater service, I began to do just that. One of the most meaningful service projects I have been an active participant of was working with Relay for Life. I started this venture with my high school’s Anchor Club. Because my grandfather had just passed away due to cancer, seeing hundreds of people coming together to help raise money for this cure meant the world to me. My job at Relay for Life was to show cancer survivors to their seat, and serve them food. It felt as though I was not doing much at first, but in retrospect the job was personally rewarding. To interact and help people who beat one of the deadliest terminal illnesses was a blessing. Not only has volunteer work given me the opportunity to help others, it has also given me insight into who I am as a person and has given me the ability to show empathy for people who are “different” or less fortunate than I. Before I began volunteering, I

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