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COMP2017 Server Administration Unit #11: Active Directory Troubleshooting Objectives    Add a Replica domain controller to a domain Resolve Active Directory replication issues Perform System State backup and restore Requirements   Active Directory Installed on the odd numbers computer The second server installed as a member server. Configuration Summary Textbook Reference Role Domain RWDCxx (Odd-numbered computers) Domain Controller (DC) lastname.local RWDCyy (Even-numbered computers) Member Server to be installed as a Domain controller lastname.local SCDCxx (Server Core Installation) Domain Controller (DC) lastname.local Procedure Complete Project 11-1, as described on RWDC02 Include a screenshot demonstrating the AD installation after step 17 then … Create an OU called Administration in the lastname.local domain from the RWDC02 Complete Project 11-3, as described from RWDC01 Ignore step 6 Choose drive c: and System state to restore Select any backup drive destination that works but preferably another hard drive or child server - Verify your child server computer name and write it down. - Create a share folder on drive C: of the child server and name it - When choosing your destination for the backup. Select remote share and type the computer name and share name from above as follows” \\computername\sharename Include a screenshot demonstrating backup success at the end of Part B Complete Project 11-5, as described. See step 2/3 in 11.4 to enable DS Restore mode at next reboot Include a screenshot after step 2 showing deletion of administration OU. Screen shot of restore success after step 11 Screen shot of restored OU after step 14. QUESTIONS 1) Explain the difference between an On-line and off-line defragmentation. On-Line defragmentation is that it occurs automatically and

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