Server 2008 Exam 70-643 Chapter 1 Test Answers

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NET-543 Chapter 1 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. ____ 1. Windows Server 2008 computers can NOT perform multiple roles at the same time. ____ 2. Unlike virtual private network (VPN) or direct dial-up connections, a Terminal Services connection uses relatively little network bandwidth because the applications are running on the server computer. ____ 3. Web servers receiving large amounts of traffic will not need higher-end network adapters or multiple adapters to connect to different subnets. ____ 4. To use ImageX.exe, you must boot the target computer to Windows PE and run the tool from the command line. ____ 5. Corporate customers are not required to activate all Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 computers using volume license keys. Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 6. The activities performed for network clients by a Windows Server 2008 are known as __________. a. services c. domains b. roles d. functions ____ 7. The roles provided by the Add Roles Wizard fall into three basic categories. Which of the following is NOT one of them? a. Directory Services c. Network Services b. Infrastructure Services d. Application Services ____ 8. Distributing server roles among several computers has several distinct advantages, including which of the following? a. fault tolerance c. resource allocation b. scalability d. all of the above ____ 9. What capability of the File Services role consists of two role services that allow administrators to create a virtual directory tree consisting of folders stored on different servers and to maintain duplicate copies of that information? a. File Server Resources Manager c. Windows Search Services b. Single Instance Store d. Distributed File System ____ 10. What technology enables users working at

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