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Server 2008 Essay

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  • on October 21, 2011
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Fill in the Blank
1. Active Directory will tolerate a maximum of a 5-minute clock Skew between a client and the domain controller that authenticates it.
2. The primary domain controller (PDC) emulator is responsible for managing time synchronization within a domain.
3. You can improve login times in a site that does not contain a global catalog server by implementing universal group membership caching .
4. To add or remove an application directory partition from Active Directory, the domain naming master needs to be accessible.
5. If a domain controller that holds a FSMO role fails and will not be returned to the network, you can transfer the FSMO role to another domain controller.
6. You can add additional attributes to the schema master by modifying the Active Directory schema.
7. The   security identifier uniquely identifies an object within an Active Directory domain, but will change if an object is moved from one domain to another.
8. The infrastructure master FSMO role should not be housed on a domain controller that has been configured as a global catalog.
9. You can transfer the domain naming masterFSMO from one domain controller to another using the Active Directory Domains and Trusts MMC snap-in.
10. Membership information for a(n) partial attribute set is stored on the global catalog.

Scenario 4-1: FSMO Role Placement—I
Contoso Pharmaceuticals has 500 employees in 14 locations. The company headquarters is in Hartford, Connecticut. All locations are part of the contoso.com domain, contain at least two servers, and are connected by reliable links.
a. Which FSMO roles would you house at the Hartford location? I would house the Domain Naming Master and the Schema Master roles at the Hartford location because these roles have forest-wide authority.
b. While trying to add new user accounts to the domain, you receive an error that the accounts cannot be created. You are logged on as a member of the Domain Admins group. What is most likely causing...

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