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------------------------------------------------- COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT REPORT Mr. Dennis Kirkley “Serve The UN-served” FACULTY OF LIBERAL ART RELIGION UNIVERSITAS PELITA HARAPAN KARAWACI 2012 I. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background We named our project by STUN (Serve The UN-served) due to several reasons: * We’re serving those whom are overlooked by the society * We will make it STUN-ning, so that it will be really special for the people we are serving 1.2 Short Description of the Project * In this project our target is the Rainbow Kindergarten school, the children and the mothers * Rainbow Kindergarten school is a school for those who can not afford kindergarten. Everything that the school owns are from donation. This is the new place. It is located at Gereja Logos Korea * To the school we donated toys and educative materials * We played with the children * Educate the mothers about first aid 1.3 Form and Process of Preparation Activity | DDate | Meet Mr. Gunar (coordinator of Rainbow Kindergarten School) | - | 1st Survey | 8th of March 2012 | 2nd Survey | 15th of March 2012 | 3rd Survey | 23rd of March 2012 | Service Learning | 5th of April 2012 | 1.4 Team’s Objective * Desired transformation of the served persons : The school : to maximize learning experience through the toys and tools donated The mother : to be able in handling emergencies correctly * Desired self transformation : Be more willing to help people by using the resources that we have Be able to make a difference in places that God has appointed us to be II. DETAIL OF ACTIVITY Project Name : “Serve the Un-served” Place : RaiNBOW Kindergarten located in Gereja Logos Korea Pinangsia Project Date : 5th April 2012 Time : 09.00 – 12.00 Target : ± 15 children and 15 mothers III. PROJECT RUNDOWN IV.

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