Servant Leadership Essay

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Example of Servant Leadership The Servant Leadership philosophy was developed by Robert Greenleaf and modeled after Jesus Christ. Instead of appearing to the masses as God, Christ laid aside his greatness so that he could serve humanity. The life of Jesus was the quintessence of servant hood. The blueprint for how we are to conduct our lives was provided through the walk of Christ. From his encouragement and reassuring love, to his fellowship, compassion, and grace, Jesus was the answer. People were encouraged to live together in love and harmony as though they possessed only one mind and spirit between themselves; to never act out of vanity or rivalry but in humility thinking more of each other than of themselves. This is the premise of serving; thinking not of yourself but considering the interests of others. When one considers the depiction of a successful servant leader, nowhere else in all of creation could there be a more perfect example. One of the biggest advantages to servant leadership is the employees’ willingness to follow. A servant leader leads by example, is a person of integrity, discipline and self-control in all things. Most importantly, they are behind the team. In this, the employees, whom represent their manager, are a direct reflection of their manager’s leadership. The achievements of employees are on display for others and builds overall employee morale. In addition to achievement and employee satisfaction, servant leadership promotes team building and brings positive change to the workplace. Critics of servant leadership will suggest that the disadvantages of such a leadership model is that it has a false premise, is demotivating, lacks authority or provides limited vision, to name a few. I believe that these are only the disadvantages determined by the unwilling and/or the

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