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A servant Leader is one who does not lead by power but divides the power and puts the needs of others before them, these kinds of people of value the growth inside the community. The philosophy behind it is to practice enrichment of the lives of the individuals and build better organizations for the goal of achieving a more just and caring world. The term originated from Robert K. Greenleaf in 1970 which he developed from the fictional book Journey to the East by Herman Hesse. The book shows how this much this “servant” meant for the survival of this journey. The servant was much loved and in the end he turns out to be the leader of this big group. Greenleaf interprets this to be that there is a value in being a servant and how it can be the new leader. The importance of a Servant Leader is that they know that the only way to lead is if everyone is performing to their full potential. They as leaders will defiantly make sure no one is left behind and strive to make sure everyone reaches their maximum potential. This style not only helps as an individual it also strengthens a community as whole. Unlike other more traditional methods of leadership that involve one person with all the power servant leadership attempts to split that power and give it to the people. With this flexible power structure it creates in my point-of-view a more efficient and diverse community. With one person in charge you limit the amount of brains working on the job. In Teen Leadership Two we will be traveling to three locations where we will be interacting with new people almost all the time and building bonds while serving the people. As I may not think of our servantry in the retired home and the food pantry relating to leadership, I do know though in the elementary helping those kids we will be doing a great deed to those kids and hopefully steering them down the right paths and

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