Serpentine Essay

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Serpentine is about a snake that’s gets run over by a car. The Driver who is telling the poem say that in life you are basically living for the moment because you don't know what’s going to happen next. The snake was out of his element and got ran over "Slithering toward our moment of intersection." He thinks that everything happens for a reason and "that the two of them had always been meant to there." He is also saying that life is already mapped out "as on some unknowable graph." In "Picnic, Lighting" he is describing a dramatic accident can happen in an instance like how "it’s possible to be struck by a meteor or a single-engine plane while reading in a chair at home. It also talk about how life throws you curve balls but you just have to get through it and keep living. "And we know the message can be delivered from within." At the same time the poem is saying that people think about death and what can happen if you take certain chances. He is also saying that the world is beautiful and it wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have freak accidents. Billy Collins says "the instant hand of death always ready to burst forth from the sleeve of his voluminous cloak." meaning that death is basically looking for you. The Art of Drowning is basically about the moment before you die. He uses humor such as "seeing your life flash before your eyes." When you are drowning or have a near death experience you have "pages of an album of photographs" running through you head it’s a fast motion. Also you remember everything you have been through and you don’t think about how badly your drowning you just think gosh I’m about to die. "Survivors would have us believe in brilliance" that they didn’t think of all their memories before they were about to drown. Serpentine, The Art of Drowning, and Picnic, Lighting are all talking about death. Also they are talking about how life
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