Serious Offenders Essay

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ASSIGNMENT 1.3 Cleveland Lewis Vista College Abstract Below is a summary about jails overcrowding. Jails Overcrowding The jail is used by local jurisdictions such as counties and cities to hold people for a short periods of time. The jails are a holding cell for those inmates that committed a crime but not serious enough to be sent to prison. The jails are used for offenders who are pending arraignment and waiting trial, conviction, and sentencing. No it's not because the jails back then was used different then the jail now a days. It’s because there are more people now then it was back then and the numbers are still growing. It seems like throughout the years there are more people getting locked up also. The government doesn't have enough funding’s to build more jails. If they did then this wouldn’t even be a problem. But we all know that there aren't enough jails to hold offenders. The way the jails have been used back then and the way they are being used now has nothing to do with why the jails are overcrowded. It’s simple there aren't enough jails and there are more people committing crimes. Yes I think the organization and operations of jails and probation system should address the overcrowding problem. Most of those in jail are awaiting trial, can’t pay their bonds, those that committed a crime but not serious enough to be transferred to prison. Overcrowding is already a problem now so maybe the system and those part of the jails should really look at things and see how they can change it and solve the problem. Lower the bails on those with crimes that aren’t threat to society. Send those who are in jails with drug related charges to rehab or get treatment to help them out. Make those cases for those who committed serious crime be priority so they can send them out to prison faster. It's a lot of other things that they can do if they want

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