Serial Position Effect in Memory Essay

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The Effect of List Position on a Free Recall of Words in Memory! Natasha Keel, 2013 Richmond Adult Community College Abstract This experiment investigated the effects of list position on free recall, aka the serial position effect. An experimental study was undertaken in which a list of items was presented to participants and free recall was used to demonstrate the effect. Twelve Access students from Richmond Adult Community took part in the study. The hypothesis stated that the items at the beginning and the end of the list would be more accurately recalled than the ones in the middle of the list. This is known as the primacy-recency effect. A distracter task was given to the experimental group with hypothesis for this group being that the recency effect would disappear as a result of the items being displaced. In addition to the serial position effect, a distinct work was added to the list in an endeavour to discover if the participants would recall this more accurately. This was also tested and predicted. Memory Research Project 1 Contents 2 Method Design Participants Apparatus Procedure 3 Results Description of results Treatments of results 4 Discussions 5 References 6 Appendix 1: Appendix 2: Appendix 3: Introduction Being a student with an enquiring mind and having to study for numerous exams lead me to investigate this particular part of the memory. How do we retain information taken in? Why do remember some things and not others and what are the effects of cramming study sessions at the last minute. In the past a lot of research relating to memory has taken place. Atkinson and Shiffron (1968, cited in Gross 2005) introduced one of the most influential models of memory the ‘Multi Store Model’. This suggests that there are three separate memory stores: sensory

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