Serial Dating Essay

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The Negativeness of Serial Dating Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of a “player”? Or, in better words, a “serial dater”, one who engages in a number of short-term romantic, emotional, and/or sexual relationships. What’s the reason behind why these men engage in such immature and repulsive behavior? What are the benefits of doing it? Are there even any benefits to it? This type of attitude or approach to dating is seen in both males and females, but studies show that it is mostly seen in men between the ages of twenty and thirty. These individuals often experience negative effects in being able to make a true commitment to one person, resulting in unhappy, immature, and lonely lives. Participating in this type of behavior at such age of maturity can also lead to more serious issues such as excessive drinking, gambling, drugs, and other illegal activities. Studies have also shown that it may be hard for these types of people, “serial daters” to achieve psychological stability. If they don’t already have psychological issues before the serial dating begins, often times the serial dating, itself, can cause a lot of psychological issues. It seems that there is really nothing good that comes out of serial dating overall, and many people have a hard time bouncing out of it, if they ever do. It seems as that serial dating can be compared to an obsessive compulsive disorder which can only be treated by professional help once the person clearly acknowledges his/her problem. Serial daters often experience a hard time making commitments. Not only are they incapable of making life long commitments, but studies have shown that they hesitate in making short-term commitments as well. Serial daters cannot even hold their word to making commitments like attending a date or a party. Serial daters like the thought of being involved in a

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