Sequel To A Story Essay

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While, Jes was thinking about murder, Luis had been checking stairs. It was dark outside and boys don’t know where was a switch to have a light in house. There was so dark that they can’t see even each other.” Very, very scary” had been thinking boys. They were trembling all the time, but nothing was happening. Single hope was run, run and run, but it was so hard to move a body. During the time when boys were standing as monuments, Jes has been feeling someone touching his leg. He was so scarred that his heart yield and he was gone. He fall down from stairs never know who was touching his leg. Is that was a murder or someone else? Luis was trying to understand what is happening, how do Jes feel, is he all right. But at moment when he sow Jes, he realized that Jes was dead. Luis weeped a crocodile tears, he was so desperate. All the time Luis was thinking about second person who was at house and killed Jes. Suddenly, he starts to yell „My goodness, those were only a cats” Luis had been frustrated, that he afraid of cats. Later turn out that all house was full with cats. Luis was so angry that he started to kicking a cats, because his friend was gone and he didn’t know what to do now. When turns of anger leave him, Luis hangs a head and was preparing to go home. Everything happens very fast. One moment and Luis was lying on the floor with hatchet in back of his head. The resident was an old lady, who actually was a tramp, but lives at this derelict house with hers only friends –street cats. And Luis has been violent to hers friends, for that reason, she must take revenge. No one ever knows where boys were disappeared. Dead bodies the old cat lover hides in
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