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Dakota Bates 6/16/2011 Soco220 September 11, 2001 was a big deal in the U.S. From the reading the Immigration policy was very flawed. We as a race automatically discriminated against Arabs and Muslims. We criticized the government about the way they handled 9/1 but at the same time we praised them for their fast reaction. The loss of lives in 9/11 worsened the civil right. I think after 9/11 it made it harder for certain ethic groups. The Muslims and Arabs people were put in category like none other. The U.S people put a wall up around their lives; not to come in contact with anyone of the Muslim or Arab descends. The United States government reaction to 9/11 in my view was ok there are a few things that I think they could have done better. The lives that were lost in 9/11 were in the hundreds. The feeling behind 9/11 can’t really be put in words. Some many emotions and pain can’t be described. I think the immigration system needs to be reevaluated. The United States need to enforce the laws on immigration. The history of immigration in the U.S is to be question. Anyone can come in the country and stay work and get educated all with governments assists. The cities in this country can’t seem to get any help without a background check. People civil rights have been violated in more ways in then one. The attack on the Muslim and Arab came without thinking. We as a people attack without thinking and we don’t think have the time that there is anything wrong with it. I don’t think we should judge people by the color of their skin or there background. We stereotype people because that’s just the way we were raised as people. The United States has always somewhat judged the Muslims and Arab people. We are so quick to judge people for the color of their skin and not by the person they are. Terrorism is a big issue in the U.S. Is it that the

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