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sept 11 Essay

  • Submitted by: fory21
  • on March 9, 2009
  • Category: Social Issues
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With a single deed, motion, crash, word, picture or death the world as you had previously recognized it, can collapse and shatter into a million minute morsels that can never be remolded to their initial form. Although, this structure can be rebuilt, emitting a false air of ease and stability, this creation; whether it be your life or a monumental edifice can never again experience the rock hard foundation it was once privileged to reside upon. This is exactly what September 11th stole from me, the firm foundation comprised of my beliefs, thoughts and securities was instantly shaken, torn and removed; never to be the same again. As a youthful creature, this traumatic event instilled in me a non-detachable fear, it stained my prior non-judgmental psyche with an overwhelming blot of subconscious judgmental racism and fashioned a realistic perception of the world as one lacking of hope and with little guarantee of the future.
    Fear has been defined as a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, pain or evil; an undeniable feeling of being afraid. When the devastation of the terrorist attacks was broadcasted to the entire globe an insurmountable fear encompassed my entire being. I no longer had security in my country or the government which led it. I endured many sleepless nights fretting over both my safety and the safety of my loved ones. A loud bang immediately sent a wave of panic through my body; for fear that a repeat act of terrorism was transpiring. I could not allow myself to leave the house without first declaring my love to my parents, for the fear of not knowing when I would see them next. Fear became a part of me, like an unwanted organ added to my body, pumping its cruel fluid of anxiety though my corpse; burning my veins. This unwelcome fear of the unknown had found a home in my mind. Although I attempted to evict this villain with great persistence and determination; he is no longer my houseguest but remains does he still, as an unwanted...

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