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Separating Ternary Mixture Objective: The objective of the experiment is to separate the components of a mixture of sand, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate and then calculate the percentage of each component in the mixture that is recovered Background: The 3 mixture, Sodium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate, and Sand, will be separated by either physical methods such as boiling or chemical methods of separation involving selective reaction of one of the components of a mixture to form a new substance. The process filtration will be used to help separate the liquid from the solids to discover how much of the component is recovered along with the help of the evaporating process. The remaining components after the procedure is weighed and calculated to determine the percent recovery of the components. Procedures: 1. Procedure: Label 2 (150mL) Beakers 1&2. Mass each beaker and record in Data Table 2. Measure 2-3g of SiO2, NaCl, and CaCO3. Record in Data table 3. Transfer portion of mixture 1 into beaker 1. Measure mass of sample and beaker. Record in Data. 4. Measure 50mL of Distilled water and add into beaker 1. Mix content for 2 minutes. 5. Moisten filter paper with distilled water, firmly press filter paper towards funnel. 6. Obtain filter paper and place filter paper in funnel. Place Beaker 2 under funnel (obtain mass for beaker 2). Stem of funnel should touch inside of Beaker of 2. 7. Decant liquid of Beaker 1 into funnel. Remaining solids in Beaker 1, use distilled water to remove and into beaker 8. Place beaker 2 on hotplate and let boil until 10mL remain. Continue to boil on low until 2-3 mL remains. Adjust hotplate to lowest setting until all liquid is evaporated. Remove Beaker 2 from Hotplate & cool to room temp. Determine mass of Beaker 2 and record. 9. Wash beaker 1&2. Determine mass of evaporating dish and record. Remove filter paper from

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