a seperate peace theme analysis

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Terry 1 John Terry Mrs. Beal English 10 H/Per. 5 1/7/08 Time Robs People of Innocence Does time rob people of their innocence? John Knowles’s novel “A Separate Peace” shows this concept to be true. One of the major themes of A Separate Peace is how virtue fades as time passes. In A Separate Peace the boarding school, Devon, supports the idea that innocence disappearing is apart of growing up. Knowles shows this by continually showing Gene’s friend lose themselves and complements it by using Devon as another friend. A Separate Peace takes place in a boarding school called Devon. The main characters are Gene, Finny, Leper and Brinker. The novel is about these boys growing up and changing at Devon. Throughout the novel each character undergoes some drastic change which cause them to lose their innocence and gain a foreign characteristic that they use to protects themself from the thing which made them lose their innocence. In A Separate Peace John Knowles shows that as time passes the purity of everything vanishes. For example, “..... or else, like Quackenbush, strike out at it always and everywhere, or else like Brinker develop a careless general resentment against is, or else, like Leper, emerge from a protective cloud of vagueness only to meet it, the horror, face to face, and give up the struggle absolutely”(194). This show that all of Gene’s friends, Gene being the antagonist and main narrator of A Separate Peace, lost their purity, their innocence by gaining a contrary Terry 2 characteristic. This shows how the concept of the characters growing up and losing their innocence is repeated. Therefore, this idea is a considered a theme of this novel. The atmosphere of A Separate Peace complements this theme by having
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