Separation Of Church And State Persuasive Essay

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Running head: SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE Persuasive Essay Separation of Church and State Henry Williams, Jr. Axia College The United States of America is considered the land where dreams come true. America is a place where freedom rings. A few of the major foundational documents of the United States are the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution of the United States of America. The signers of these documents are identified as the “Founding Fathers”. The founding fathers of this grand nation were God-fearing men. They established this country on moral principles. In fact, the Declaration of Independence recognizes God as the source of the rights enumerated by the document. The idea of taking the term “separation of church of state” and stripping God from our public governmental venues goes against our very foundation. Separation of church and state is a phrase that is tossed around in the…show more content…
Some were full-time preachers, current or former. Many more were the sons of clergymen. Others were business owners, teachers, attorneys, authors, and doctors. These individuals were active churchgoers and contributed to their churches whether financially and/or service as lay leaders. “The signers were members of religious denominations at a rate that was significantly higher than average for the American Colonies during the late 1700s”, according to an article called “Religion of the Founding Fathers, (2005). The founding fathers were compelled to fight for their independence against Great Britain for a few different reasons. These reasons ranged from the economic interest of both parties to just simple political differences, and a fair amount of mutual misunderstandings. Many of the founders migrated from England where they experience persecution for exercising their faith. Ultimately, it all boiled down to the lack of
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