Separation of a Mixture of Solids

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Experiment 8: Separation of a Mixture of Solids Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to separate the solids mixture containing the iron, sand, benzoic acid and salt. These solids were separated based on the unique properties of different solids such as variation in the magnetic properties and variation is solubility such as ranging from completely insoluble to completely soluble. Procedure: The necessary materials required for this lab procedures was obtained from the labpaq: solids mixture, weighing dish, and digital weighing scale. Each and every solid separated in this lab experiment was weighed using the weighing dish and digital weighing scale. From the solids mixture, the iron filling were separated by using the property of iron fillings that they were attracted towards the magnet. The solids mixture was spread over surface of white paper then the magnet (covered with another paper) was moved very closely over the solid mixture. The iron fillings were attached to the magnet and were separated and collected in the weighing dish. I did the same procedure three times to separate any remaining iron fillings. Once the procedure was performed three times, the collected iron fillings mass was obtained by using the digital weighing scale. After removing the iron fillings, the sand was removed next by using the property of sand that the sand was completely insoluble in the water. The iron free solids mixture was dissolved in 15.00 mille liters of distal water and heated by using stove top in a beaker. The solution was mixed for a while the benzoic acid and salt were allowed to dissolve completely and solubility was enhanced by heating the solution. The solution was decanted into another beaker. The left over sand was rinsed with few mille liters of hot distal water three times to remove any leftover benzoic acid and salt. The sand was allowed to completely dry and the

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