Separation In Flannery O Connor's Lives Of The Saints

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There are many people in this world who have families and live happily with them. Then there are others who haven’t got a family and they live either somewhat happily or they live a sad life. Lastly, there are people who have a family, but their family is separated due to several reasons. This separation can affect people in various ways such as they are in depression, they are happy, or they are lonely and may have an affair with someone else. In the book, Lives of the Saints, Vittorio’s mom, Christina, is acting suspicious around people after she got bitten by a snake. In the story, Lives of the Saints, Vittorio’s mother, Christina, seems to be having an affair with another man because she is lonely, she wouldn’t answer the other people’s…show more content…
Her reply was “I have an appointment.” “With who?” questioned Vittorio. Christina responded “With the man who cuts the birdies off boys who ask too many questions.” Christina had not responded seriously to Vittorio’s questions, as if she didn’t want anyone to know what she was going to do. Later on while their drive to the hospital for Christina’s snake bite, her father (Vittorio’s grandfather), Vittorio, and Antonio Di Lucci (a bartender and the only person in town who possess a car) demanded that her to tell how the snake bite occurred. She responded sarcastically like they asked her where she was when she was bitten and she replied “Too close to the snake.” They knew that she was hiding something and they wanted to know what. When they asked why she was in the stable, she responded that she was feeding the pigs. Her reply didn’t make sense because her father knew that she fed the pigs earlier that day and he started suspecting that something else happened. Then she answered that she was pouring water for the pigs because she didn’t have time to give water to them earlier. All of them knew something had happened and they need to find out what it is. They do know that she wasn’t in the stable to feed or give water for the pigs. These points make it evident that Christina is definitely in an

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