Separation Builds Stronger Relationships

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Separation builds stronger relationships Long-distance relationships are defined as relationships between two partners that cannot see each other, face-to-face, on a daily or weekly basis due to separation. This type of relationship is based on trust, commitment and love. Since it often occurs in college students and military families, they will be the focus of this essay. Despite numerous goodbyes involved between the two partners, the relationship can emerge stronger from the separation due to an increase in mutual desire, the development of a deeper relationship and the freedom to pursue personal goals and ambitions. Separation in relationships is known to be difficult. However, the popular saying absence makes the heart grow fonder clearly conveys that absence increases mutual desire. This saying first originated from the Latin poet Sextus Propertius who wrote “Always toward absent lovers love’s tide stronger flows” (Cairns, 2006, p.32). The meaning of this saying, in a romantic relationship context, is that the desire for a loved one increases while two lovers are apart. For instance, in college students, seeing couples enjoying an afternoon together or getting a glimpse of a couple holding hands will increase the desire to be reunited with their partner. In military families, attending a dinner party alone or having to take care of the children as a temporary single parent will also create desire for their partner. No matter how busy their schedules might be, members in a relationship will often think of each other and long to be in each other’s arms. The absence of their loved one will become particularly apparent during activities that are usually done together as a couple. Fortunately, time spent apart allows these individuals to appreciate each other by reminding them what they like best about their partner. As a result, many relationships emerge

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